Rumorville-3 comments to add a rumor, 2 to remove one

Rumorville “facts” -viewers,  keep in mind the title (Rumors not necessarily facts)

Fred Miller
-Has the Village buy goods from his privately owned store at a profit
-Has increased the amount the Village has spent at his personal business about 2x since he took office

Jim Babcock
-roofed the Albion mayor’s house {Theodorakis) house and his Wife Linda got appointed to the Village Clerks Office
-Worked on Hugh Dudley’s place while trying to get a variance for a commercial building in a residential neighborhood (Dudley was on board who could approve variance)
-paid significantly less for building permits than other contractors doing similar work in Orleans County
-got Stockham Lumber to fire Dan Strong in response to paying more for building permits
-Got throw out of Albion Town hall by police for yelling at Dewayne Delamater and poking him in the chest (former code enforcement guy) over a code disagreement
-Got Town of Carlton to fire their code enforcement officer by yelling and fabricating stories at a Carlton Town meeting
-Got thrown of of Albion Town Hall previously (about 6 months ago) by police for being disorderly
-Acted disorderly at Village of Albion Historic Preservation Meeting over Code Enforcement issue

Jed Standish
-Hired his daughter’s boyfriend (Jim Babcock’s foreman) as a Town Highway employee

-Hired his nephew as a Town Highway Employee
-covers for an employee of his who has been caught drinking on the job (yes drives a plow) and doing coke because employee has “dirt on him”

Don Allport
-got his sister Linda Babcock (jim babcocks wife) – Appointed to Village of Albion Clerk with a phone call

Steve Hawley
-hired Charlie Nesbitt’s Daughter
-hired Eileen Banker (she serves on the Albion Village board, but aparently she was hired before she was elected to Village board)


got 2 for jed having/had affair with dawn

got 2 for andrew meyers putting in patio outside his building using village money

got 2 for carlton hiring uncertified code enforcement officer who got arrested for stealing and his a friend of carlton supervisor

got one for satan lives on culver rd

got one for a ufo landed in a field in medina 20 years ago

got one for lowes coming to albion by walmart

got one for a major motion picture is going to use the “waterfalls” in Lyndonville as a scene

got one for tacobell coming to medina by where Titos tacos was


Still none

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