We’re Back!!!

In case you are new…

The site was off to a good start. We had a couple topics going with some good comments. Then the proverbial poo hit the fan. Some spamming house from Russia (that’s where much spam comes from) caught us with some settings not quite right and was able to post ads for just about anything I’m thinking nobody wanted.

We were filled with junk within a couple of weeks. Why they do it I don’t know. I hate to think there are people out there ignorant enough to click on some of that stuff. But I guess when it’s automated the cost of doing it is so low it only takes one sucker to make it profitable. It’s just sad to think there are those that think that’s a way to make a living.

BUT – we’re back with new software and systems in place to (we hope) prevent the intellectual sewer backflow.

Got a topic ? Let us know -we’ll get a thing going on.

In case you are not new…

Thanks to said spamming, we had to delete almost all the user accounts.  Our apologies.  You likely will not be able to use your same name as it is being blocked by the spamguard.  If you REALLY want your old name, let me know and I’ll try to manually unblock it.



01/17/10 update:  all users and posts will be have to be approved.  Sorry, spammed again, but caught it early.  BTW if anyone would like Viagara, Cialis, or other enlargement products, we have plenty of information…

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